Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Diva's Battle Royal News and a TNA Sarah Stock Update

"Okay Steph, suit up, you're going out there...."

Molly Holly will not be appearing in the Diva's Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 25.
During the Wrestlemania weekend she'll be signing autographs, but she wont be working in the ring.
But at the rate Divas seem to be dropping out, WWE maybe making a call begging her to reconsider.

Debra Marshall (Debra) will not be at Wrestlemania 25 either.
Like Lita (Amy Dumas) she'll be in Houston at Booker T's charity event on April 3rd.

And I hate to say this, but it looks like WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young will be in the Battle Royal.
UPDATE: According to the WWE, the 86 year old Mae Young will NOT be in the Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 25.

I wonder why no one has asked if Stephanie McMahon will be in the Battle Royal?
She was the WWF Women's Champion at one point.......

And now is saying that Sarah Stock (Dark Angel) is NOT going to TNA.
We know that Sarah still has several CMLL match obligations in Mexico, so it may be awhile before we know for sure anyway

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