Thursday, December 18, 2008

More WWE Smackdown Divas

Maria will be facing Maryse this week on WWE Smackdown!.
The winner will get a future shot at the WWE Diva's championship held by Michelle McCool.
People have been ragging Michelle about her limited in ring skill and I can understand that.
But in case you haven't noticed, Michelle and Maryse are both working hard on their performance.
Would I rather see the Divas Champion be someone like Natalya or Victoria?
Of course.
I mean wouldn't it make more sense to have one of them hold the title while women like Brie and Nikki Bella, Maria, Maryse and Michelle work on their game?
The Old Westerns had it right.
The experienced gunfighter taking on all the upstarts till one of them finally gets good enough to take him out.
I wonder if the WWE would let me write for them?


Alameda Green said...

New to your site, inclined to agree with you here, but I have a massive, MASSIVE dislike of Michelle McCool almost totally because of her attitude backstage towards the other women on the roster.

Still, you do a very good job, and I intend to check things out every so often to see what you have to say.


Danielle Rouleau said...

I think that attitude is part of Michelle's character, not real, like the beatdown on the bad referee who was doing the three count too slowly ... and that Michelle has a lot more skills than most out there! She was a fitness competitor doing gymnastics routines etc. Which parts do they think are lacking?

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