Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Former WWE Diva and wrestler Chyna

Former WWE Diva and wrestler Chyna

Former WWE Diva and wrestler Chyna recently underwent breast reduction surgery. I think maybe she's getting away from the WWE/Hollywood glitz and trying to live a normal life.
Chris Jericho was none too kind to her on a recent ESPN Radio 1250 with Mark Madden, saying she was too busy being drunk and high all the time. Although he did say that Chyna’s intercontinental title run was a great angle.
Despite all this, Chyna has been in 3 movies in the past two years, Cougar Club, Illegal Aliens and Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy.
I wish her luck and hope she finally finds what she wants.

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barsantone said...

I found the craziest youtube page called yardbrawls. It has a lot of women's wrestling content including the eighties classic, GLOW. I remember watching that show with my dad. it's only been up a couple of weeks but they have a shitload of videos. check it.

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