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Katarina Waters / Nikita / Katie Lea

Katarina Waters (born November 10, 1977) is a female professional wrestler from the United Kingdom better known by her ring name, Nikita. She is currently signed by World Wrestling Entertainment, where she is assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling and wrestles under the ring name Katie Lea.

Outside of wrestling, Waters has started acting, doing scenes for a British independent action movie by Utopian Pictures called Tough Justice. Nikita plays Agent Milan in the film.

In late 1999, Nikita began training with the Kent-based promotion NWA-UK Hammerlock after she had searched for a school on the Internet. Working at that British territory of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) allowed Nikita to participate in the ITV Meridian show Trans-Atlantic Wrestling Challenge, which was a British vs. American tournament held on January 4, 2000 in the UK for British television, featuring wrestlers from various NWA promotions. During the show, Nikita won its Women's Championship Cup.

Nikita went on to wrestle for promotions all over the world. One highlight came when she wrestled Sherri Martel at an NAWA show in Germany, but her biggest exposure came back in England, where she began wrestling for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance (FWA) in 2002.

While in FWA she met with a young up-and-coming FWA star, Hade Vansen, someone she would tag team with on occasion. She also faced off in feuds with Sweet Saraya, who entered the FWA rather unceremoniously when she attacked Nikita from behind while she was supposed to be guest announcing. She also feuded with Paul Travell and The Family.

In 2004, she left FWA due to personal reasons, and took a little time out.

In 2005, she reappeared on the UK wrestling scene, and went on to compete around Europe. She became France's Queens of Chaos Women's Champion, which earned her the moniker "Queen of Chaos". During this time she also made appearances for Italy's Nu-Wrestling Evolution in matches against Vanessa Harding.

In early 2006 Nikita came back to the FWA, and went on to help her former tag partner "The South City Thriller" Hade Vansen pin Joe Legend to win The Champions Series Final at New Frontiers on February 5. Vansen took Alex Shane’s FWA British Heavyweight Championship in this five-way main event, which, aside from Vansen, Shane and Legend, also featured "The Phoenix" Jody Fleisch and "The Wonderkid" Jonny Storm.

Katrina Waters signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) during May 2006, following tryouts at a WWE UK TV taping. She left the UK for the United States the following month, but first handed in her Queens of Chaos Championship, after first retaining it, in her last European independent match, on May 8th.

Katarina Waters joined WWE's Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) developmental promotion, making her OVW debut on August 23, 2006 at an OVW TV taping under the new name Katie Lea defeating Melody in a dark match. Waters, as Lea, continued training in OVW throughout 2006, feuding with OVW divas Beth Phoenix, ODB and Serena.

At the November 1, 2006 OVW TV tapings, Katie Lea defeated Beth Phoenix, Ariel, Roni Jonah, Melody, Jenny Mae, ODB and Serena in a 8-Woman Gauntlet match to capture the OVW Women's Championship. Lea defended her title against Beth Phoenix in the 1st Ladies Ladder Match in OVW History. Katie lost her OVW Women's Title to ODB on June 2, 2007 at a Six Flags OVW Event.

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