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WWE Divas - Sable Part 3

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On November 13, 2001 and November 14, 2001, she appeared as the on-air "CEO" of the newly formed XWF, but these would be her only appearances with the company. In 2003, she announced that she and Marc Mero were getting divorced. Despite this, she continues to publicly use Mero as her surname.

Rena returned to the World Wrestling Federation (now known as World Wrestling Entertainment) on the April 3, 2003 episode of SmackDown!, reprising her role as Sable. Sable continued as a heel and spent several months in a storyline with new Playboy covergirl Torrie Wilson. Sable would follow Torrie down to her matches, talk with her backstage, and on one occasion she left Torrie in a tag match alone to fend for herself. Sable eventually challenged Torrie to a showdown bikini contest at Judgment Day 2003. After Sable got the bigger applause, Torrie removed another layer of clothing, and Special Guest Referee Tazz declared Torrie the winner. After the match, Torrie went up to Sable and kissed her before exiting the ring. Sable had a brief feud with the guest judge Tazz, dumping water on him on the following edition of Smackdown, as a means of gaining revenge for declaring Wilson the winner.

Sable then feuded with Stephanie McMahon in a storyline where she was Vince McMahon's mistress. Vince appointed Sable as Stephanie McMahon's personal assistant against Stephanie's will, sparking the feud between the duo. During the feud, they competed in several catfights, a food fight, a parking lot brawl, and a match where Sable bashed a clipboard over Stephanie's head. At Vengeance 2003, Sable defeated Stephanie after an interference by her new ally, A-Train. At SummerSlam, Sable accompanied A-Train in his match against The Undertaker, which he lost. After the match, The Undertaker held Sable so that Stephanie could use a Spear attack on her. After Summerslam, Mr. McMahon and Sable focused on getting rid of Stephanie for good, so Vince made an "I Quit" match at No Mercy 2003. In the match, Sable slapped Stephanie and was attacked by Linda McMahon. She also handed Vince the lead pipe that he used to choke Stephanie out for the win.

Sable briefly became a face again when she appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine for the third time in her career. On the cover, she appeared with fellow diva Torrie Wilson, making them the first WWE Divas to pose in Playboy together. Surrounding the release of the cover, the duo feuded with RAW divas Stacy Keibler and Miss Jackie, even though all four women were faces at the time. The two teams squared off at WrestleMania XX in an Interpromotional Tag Team Evening Gown match, but the divas started the match in their underwear, making it more of a lingerie match. The change was rumored to have occurred because Sable had suffered damage to her breast.

Following WrestleMania XX, Sable quickly turned heel again and engaged in another short feud with Wilson. The feud culminated in a match at the Great American Bash 2004, which Sable won. Sable's final appearance in WWE would be on SmackDown! when she, Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson accompanied Eddie Guerrero to the ring in his lowrider. On August 10, 2004, WWE's official website announced that Rena Mero and WWE had parted ways.

Mero, along with Brock Lesnar, appeared at several New Japan Pro Wrestling shows since her WWE release. After Rena and Marc Mero became officially divorced in 2004, she began dating Brock Lesnar whom she became engaged to later that year. The engagement was called off in early 2005, but they were engaged again in January 2006. The two married in May 2006, but later divorced in August of the same year.

"It should also be noted that the interview confirmed that he ( Lesnar) is now divorced from former WWE Diva Rena “Sable” Mero. Lesnar will make his MMA debut on June 2nd in Los Angeles. "

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