Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WWE Diva - Layla El

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The newest WWE Diva, Layla, may have to cut short some of her financial comfort zone if she wants to stay on with the WWE. It is learned that if Layla plans to extend her stay with WWE, a 20% cut from her usual $250,000 salary must be made. Not pretty figures for a diva winner who is now in a bind.

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Layla would do well to gather more time enhancing her career with WWE before jumping ship to explore other offers. For one thing, other companies may not pay her good money just yet considering she is not even in the caliber of Melina or Candice Michelle who have built on their character and names as part of the wrestling business.

Additionally, Layla has nothing to show other than being the latest WWE Diva winner. But many other companies would wonder what impact she would have on their companies like TNA when in fact they already have their share of pretty faces in their fold.

From what it looks at the moment, it seems the best bet is for Layla to hang on for the time being before planning a quick shift in her career. She has yet to be considered among the top divas of the WWE and acting on impulse may jeopardize her career. Who knows, 2007 may be a breakout year for Layla. After making the needed impact, her value is sure to rise. She just needs to look at other diva winners and where they are now.

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