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Cheerleader Melissa - Female Wrestling

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Melissa Anderson (born August 17, 1982 in Los Angeles, California) is an American pro wrestler, better known by her ring name Cheerleader Melissa.

Melissa is one of the few second-generation female wrestlers. Her father was Doug Anderson, who wrestled professionally before her in the early 1980s. Before she took up pro wrestling, Melissa wrestled on the high school amateur wrestling team. She got her start from her father's former tag team partner Billy Anderson (no relation) and Jesse Hernandez and was trained by him briefly in 1998. Melissa's first match was on August 17, 1999 (which happened to be her birthday) against Lexie Fyfe in Douglas, Wyoming.

Melissa got the cheerleading gimmick when she became the valet for the Ballard Brothers, a Canadian tag team. She credits them with helping her in the ring when she was first starting out. She also received wrestling training from Christopher Daniels for a short period of time before moving on to All Pro Wrestling where she trained under the tutelage of Robert Thompson and Bryan Danielson.

Melissa was personally invited, along with Taylor Matheny, to wrestle and train for three months at Arsion, a prestigious wrestling promotion in Tokyo, Japan. Her favourite matches she worked in Arsion were a 15-minute draw against Rie Tamada and her loss to Mariko Yoshida.

Most recently, Melissa has been wrestling for SHIMMER Women Athletes among many other independent promotions. Melissa has been involved in all seven of the ChickFight tournaments, and won the fifth, on 6/24/06 in San Francisco, California, and the seventh, in Norfolk in the United Kingdom. In the first round of the ChickFight tournaments she is 5-0-2.

On the May 26 (taped May 22), 2006 edition of Heat Melissa wrestled in a match against Victoria in Las Vegas, Nevada under the name "Melissa Anderson". Melissa lost to a Widow's Peak. One night before that, she wrestled in two matches (against Allison Danger and MsChif, respectively) for SHIMMER in Chicago, Illinois.

On January 7, 2007, Anderson won Pro Wrestling World-1's Queen's Cup tournament, earning herself a number one contendership for the AWA World Women's Championship. Though known for touring Japan, Melissa also toured the United Kingdom in that same month. On the tour she won the seventh ChickFight tournament, and competed at Real Quality Wrestling's No Pain, No Gain 2007, where she faced MsChif and Eden Black in an unsuccessful attempt to take Black's RQW Women's Wrestling Championship.

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