Friday, February 28, 2014

Emma Vs Summer Rae - WWE Raw

Is it just me or are the WWE Diva matches actually getting better?
Case in point, Emma vs Summer Rae on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Although Emma won...Summer REALLY showed that she had the "Heel" technique down pat.
She was talking constant smack through the whole match (which she pretty much dominated until the end) in a way that would make former WWE Diva Maryse proud.
Maryse is one of the best WWE Diva "junk talkers" I can remember in a while, and Summer Rae may be a worthy successor.
One of my favorite parts was when she was punishing Emma and yelling at Santino at ringside, asking him if he thought Emma was cute now.
That's pure female Heel gold right there.

If she keeps this up, Summer may get top Heel billing before very long.

Emma was good in her role as well, which was almost "jobbing" to Summer Rae.
She pulled out the win by getting Summer in the "Emma Lock" which is actually an inverted Indian deathlock facelock aka the "Muta Lock" which was created by the great Japanese wrestler Keiji Mutoh, aka The Great Muta.
You probably really didn't need to know all that but I told you anyway.....
It's kinda nice to see Divas using actual submission holds.

But though Emma won with a submission hold, if you live by the die by the she would find out later in the week.....

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