Sunday, August 5, 2012

Up and Coming WWE Divas, Paige and Audrey Marie

While AJ Lee may be the most popular of the WWE Divas on this blog at the moment, there are two female wrestlers that are rapidly gaining on her in popularity here.
And both of them are from FCW.
That would be Paige...

...and Audrey Marie

Audrey Marie-wwe

 I did a write up on Paige on one of my other wrestling blogs back when she was known as Britani Knight.
Of course she is the daughter of British wrestlers Sweet Saraya and "Rowdy” Ricky Knight.

Audrey Marie was born Ashley Miller and oddly enough, it still seems like a lot of her past is under wraps.
We think she was born in Houston Texas, but we don't even know when and there's a rumor that she was a gymnast before the WWE signed her.
Usually the WWE puts all this stuff out.

Anyway, both Paige and Audrey seem to be getting more attention, and matches like this certainly don't hurt any....

Note to the WWE....
You guys REALLY need to push these FCW Divas harder!
These are the ladies that are coming up through the ranks and they will be the next AJs and Kaitlyns.
They ain't gonna be popular if no one knows who they are!

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