Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wrestlicious Review

I watched the premiere episode of the all female wrestling promotion Wrestlicious last night.

My thoughts......

Okay, without commercials, the show is about 20 minutes.
The first almost five minutes were taken up with the "GLOW style" rap.
I realize this is the pilot, so maybe that won't be the norm, maybe it was just to get you introduced to the characters.
If you notice, most TV shows today have very short intros, or none at all.
I would suggest a much shorter intro.

Then we had a bad GLOW/Hee-Haw type sketch.
Then more dancing and singing with Kandi Kisses (Lizzy Valentine).
I never thought I would say this...but where's Jillian Hall when you need her?
At least she gets interrupted and stopped.
Well they did stop the singing.....

Then we had a swimsuit shoot with Autumn Frost (Jennifer Blake).

Then finally at about the 10:00 mark, we had the first match which was Toni the Top ( Nikki the New York Knockout) versus "Maui".
Is it my imagination or is their ring smaller than regulation?
Or is it the thick pink ropes that make it look that way?
Barbie's Malibu Dream Ring?

Anyway the match was less than two minutes long.
I wont complain about how short the WWE Diva matches are anymore.

Then a sketch.
Then another sketch.

I have to point out here I like Bandita.
Maybe it's because she reminds me of Spanish Red.

Then finally about 12 minutes in, we have the six woman tag team event with Maria Toro (Mercedes Martinez), Bandita, and Felony (Rain) versus Tyler Texas (Lorelei Lee), Cousin Cassie, and Charlotte (Amber O'Neal).
It started out with a lot of over selling and not very impressive wrestling moves.
I think that even though Bandita is a model she might have that "something" that could be trained into a watchable performer in the ring.

BUT, when Felony (Rain) and Tyler Texas ( Lorelei Lee) got into the ring, as JR would say, business picked up.
They proved that even with the silly Halloween costumes and senses assaulting ring, their wrestling skills still showed through.
Now we have our first decent length match.
Classic old school heel ending, and my interest started to pick up just as they went off the air.

I know this is just the first episode, but this needs to be over-hauled big time to be successful.

First I would cut way down on the sketches and singing/dancing.
GLOW had the GLOW Rap, but it only lasted a few seconds (not minutes) before each match.

Two, if you have to have costumes...fine.
Just take them off before the match.
Wrestlicious could easily bring back the sexy one piece wrestling outfit.
Cut right, the suits could be very flattering on these women, without going too far.
Again I go back to Spanish Red.
Remember how hot she looked in a one piece and wrestling boots?
Okay, now I sound like a fashion critic.

Three, fix the ring.
If you want pink ropes, that's cool, but make them regulation ropes so it doesn't look like a Foxy Boxy ring from the 80s.

Four, back to the characters...
In the beginning of women's wrestling, we had women that could wrestle, but weren't that hot.
Then we got hot women that usually couldn't wrestle.
But we are in the 21st century now.
We can have women that are hot, and can wrestle.
You can have the outrageous characters outside the ring, just have them become all business when they get in the ring.

Like I said, I know this is the premier episode and they are getting things fine tuned.
I'll give em that.
Heck, I didn't like the first three episodes of Josh Wedon's Dollhouse, but it got better.

But I keep thinking, instead of creating this, why didn't JV Rich just take his money and back a SHIMMER syndicated wrestling show?

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Thorsten said...

My thoughts exactly...Way too much fooling around, way to little actual Women Wrestling .
Loved the Tag team match finisher though. One could tell there were pros involved. Let those pros shine through more and I 100% back the one-piece+boots idea.

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