Thursday, September 3, 2009

WWE Diva and TNA Knockout News, Sept 3rd

kristal marshall - female wrestling

Diva Dirt is reporting that former WWE Diva Kristal Marshall might be heading to TNA.
Why not?
Bobby's already there.
And if you haven't seen Kristal lately, head over to her website and take a look at some of her pics.
This lady has really worked on herself and is getting in fitness competition shape.
I mean she is really getting cut and ripped!

And as far as her going to TNA, check out this Tweet from her on her Twitter account:
"It was nice catching up with Lisa Marie, aka Victoria oops I mean Tara!"

The WWE seems to be trying again with their womens division.
They had not one, but two female wrestling events Monday night on Raw.

First they had an American Dream Diva Battle Royal with Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, Jillian Hall and Alicia Fox.
Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox and Kelly were eliminated basically 1-2-3 and that left Beth, Gail and Jillian.
Maybe someone at the WWE is reading my blogs....LOL
Anyway, Gail eliminated Jillian and Beth eliminated Gail.
Beth getting attention again?

So then Beth had to turn around and take on Divas Champion Mickie James in a match later.
Of course Mickie won, but it was nice to see Beth and Jillian get some air time again.
Three of the best female wrestlers the WWE has on one show?
And they actually get ring time?
I hate to say it but I'm impressed.

And here are some random Tweets from the womens wrestling world......

TNA Knockout Tara:
"Just got back from TV tapings. Very eventful two days of wrestling. I am going to take a nap and get some beauty sleep."

WWE Diva Michelle McCool:
"Bad Knee = Bike riding! Bike riding = mad respect for cyclists!!! :) All of 20 minutes kicked by butt! :)"

WWE Diva Jillian Hall:
"I want a fluffy white kitten for my birthday!"
(BTW, Jillian's Birthday is September 6th)

And is female wrestler going to Wrestlicious?
Will they be taping new shows?
From Lena Yada's Twitter:
"been out of WWE for a while now. Just waiting filming for Wrestlicious :-) "

WWE Diva Eve Torres :
"In Puerto Rico! It's so beautiful here. Napped on the beach, ocean view, warm weather, great sushi for dinner. Do it again tomorrow!"

WWE Diva Maryse:
"yayyy back in LA!!! hopefully it will be sunny today ! "

And finally the talked about replacement for Lilian Garcia, Angela Fong
"My fortune cookie today says: an interesting sports opportunity is in your near future. Mmmmmmmm I'm liking the sound of that!!! :)"

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sirknight1553 said...

Clearly the segment with a sleazy Kevin Nash trying to seduce Lauren on iMPACT! last week was their way of announcing Jenna Morasca's departure from TNA. But will she return when she's completed her Survivor commitments?

I kind of had a feeling Madison's partner would be Roxxi though of course I was hoping it would be a new arrival. Very exciting news about Kristal!

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