Monday, September 7, 2009

Female Wrestling News - Wendi Richter, Jillian Hall, Michelle McCool, Angelina Love , Trina Michaels and More

We start off today with a blast from the past.
Yesterday (the 6th) was former WWF female wrestler and WWF Women's Champion, Wendi Richter's Birthday.
So Happy (late) Birthday Wendi!
As you may recall, Wendi declined to participate at WrestleMania XXV this year.
Good for her.

And yesterday was WWE Diva Jillian Hall's Birthday as well.
So Happy (late again) Birthday Jillian!

WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool returned to the ring at the SmackDown/ECW live event in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
She defeated Melina to retain the title.
You can see a video of the end of the match here:

Since Angelina Love appears to be gone from TNA (sigh), her possible replacement in "The Beautiful People" may be indy valet Trina Michaels.
Trina is good friends with Mick Foley and has had some TNA allusions in the past.
You can check out her MySpace page here:

Former (?) TNA Knockout Jenna Morasca recently posted on her MySpace page...
My 1st official statement regarding TNA and myself "There are great inconsistencies out there regarding my relationship with TNA. I fully intend to clear them up and tell my side of the story after the holiday weekend"
They say she left TNA on September third when her contract expired, but I thought she was just on a leave of absence.
But in checking the TNA website, her profile has been pulled.

I'm sure you have heard all the rumors about Candice Michelle working for TNA.
Candice isn't that good of an in-ring performer, but her name alone will draw attention to the TNA brand.
She still gets over a million hits a month on Google searches.

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