Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WWE Diva Updates

All WWE Diva news today...

Last night on WWE RAW they had a "Mayweather Melee" pitting Mickie James, Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim against Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox.
The gimmick here is that all the girls wore boxing gear.
Of course this was done in honor of Floyd Mayweather being on the show.
Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox won after Alicia nailed Mickie with a scissors kick.
(It was nice to see Beth in another match.)

Actually, I know it's kinda weird but I sorta liked this gimmick match.
Maybe it's because the Diva matches I used to play on my "SmackDown! vs. RAW" games were actually like this.
Despite the "boxing" theme they were actually wearing MMA gloves and (I usually try to refrain from saying this) and I actually think they looked hotter in their gimmick outfits.
I know awhile back Vince talked about leaning more towrads MMA style matches at one time.
Some of the Divas have martial arts training.
Maybe Vince was looking at how a MMA style match would go over.
After all, MMA is knocking on the WWE's door really loud.
I wonder how a MMA/Pro wrestling hybrid style would work for the WWE?

jillian hall - wwe - wrestling
Moving on, They had a short segment with Jillian Hall and Vince where she was dressed as Marylin Monroe and doing the "Happy Birthday Mr. Preisdent " thing.
Way to use a lady with 11 years wrestling experience guys.

michelle mccool-wwe-wrestling
You can now follow Michelle McCool on Twitter.
Just go to http://twitter.com/McCoolMichelleL

And before SummerSlam, MSN did a slideshow of the WWE divas with really nice pics here:

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