Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Female Wrestling News - Lisa Marie Varon, Mickie James, Gail Kim and More

TNA Knockout Tara (WWE's Victoria and aka Lisa Marie Varon) is still having a war of words with female MMA fighter Kim Couture.
I did a write up about it today on my Female MMA blog here.

Is Lilian Garcia really leaving WWE?
LOL...well they keep saying she is.
Right now a possible replacement for Lilian is FCW star Angela Fong.
I guess we will wait and see.

And speaking of FCW, I was wondering who FCW wrestler and valet "Candy Girl" was.
Well now I know.
And not because of a good thing.
Candy Girl (or "Liviana") was arrested on Sunday, June 14, 2009 on charges of Driving under the Influence.
Her real name, by the way, is Karlee Leliani Perez and she's a Tampa-based model.
The WWE and models.
Vince, look at Shimmer's roster.
Hire some wrestlers!

And if the WWEs PG look is bothering you, blame John Cena.
Yes, Cena evidently campaigned for the new look.
Now if they would just get off the "look" and focus more on wrestling ability.

And just what happened in the infamous "Mickie James-Gail Kim" match last week on Raw?
Other than the surreal finish that is.
TWNP News reported that Mickie was "chewed out by management backstage at Raw on Monday as a result of how she reacted when her match with Gail Kim fell apart" and that Gail was "Kim was indeed out of it towards the end of the match, thus explaining why it fell apart. She was treated backstage during the show, but it was said to not be serious. "
Her condition wasn't serious?
What happened?
Was it because of that messed up cross body earlier?
Concussion maybe?

And I guess everyone knows that the new ECW Diva Courtney Taylor is actually Beverly Mullins from FCW (aka Daisy, aka Wesley Holiday).

FCW seems to be getting a lot of play these days huh?

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