Thursday, March 26, 2009


Lacey Von Erich with the "Deer Trapped in the headlights" Claw Hold.....

I mentioned before that Big Vision was thinking about a new GLOW...well it seems Jimmy Hart has done more than think about it.
The promo for his new show "Wrestlicious" looks like GLOW spun through a time warp.
Campy characters, singing, dancing,
Yes it kinda looks like WOW too.
Can Jimmy pull this off?
Well the comments on YouTube seem to show interest in this new project.
GLOW still has a cult following out there.
They may be kinda quiet, but trust me, they are watching.
And Jimmy has an advantage over GLOW.
Their wrestlers were models, some of these ladies are wrestlers that also happen to look good.
Lizzy Valentine, Daizee Haze, Portia Perez, Daffney, Becky Bayless, Roni Jonah and Lacey Von Erich are just a few of the stars I saw on the clip which you can see here:

So how is this gonna do?
Reality is pretty ugly these days.
Maybe we "need" to see a farmer's daughter take on a vampire in a squared circle.
Maybe a headhunter wrestling a lifeguard is a good counter to the constant gloom and doom of the economy.
And add to the mix the fact that these ladies have paid their dues and really can wrestle.....

Who knows, "The Mouth of the South" may be on to something here.

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