Friday, October 31, 2008

The Top Five Scariest/Coolest Gothic Female Wrestlers

For Halloween, here is my list of the top five scariest and coolest Gothic looking female wrestlers.

Luna Vachon
She has to be number one. Luna was doing this back in the 80s in the WWF.
Scary and talented.
And she's married to a vampire.

Daffney Unger
Scary, sexy cool.
Again, she was doing this back in 1999 in the WCW before TNA.

WWE/ECW's little Vampire.
Really though, Shelly Martinez was doing Goth before she started wrestling.

Gothic or crazy?
It doesn't matter.
Talented is the bottom line.

Hailey Hatred
Who couldn't love Hailey's "I'm gonna hit you with a chainsaw" look?

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