Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gail Kim leaving TNA for the WWE?

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Gail Kim, who had been the top female babyface in TNA until recently, appears to no longer be with the company. Her bio was removed from TNA’s Web site yesterday, and reported late last night that she and TNA have parted ways.

Gail Kim's departure from TNA has taken several people by surprise. One source told me this morning that he knew her contract was being renegotiated, but most people assumed it was a lock that she would re-sign with the company. There was no indication at the last set of television tapings that Kim was leaving in that there were no parties, nor was she saying goodbye to other wrestlers. "This really sucks for the women (in TNA)," one source told me.

FORMER TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim has sensationally quit the promotion – and is almost certainly heading back to the WWE.
Several sources close to the situation claim Vince McMahon will re-hire his former women’s title holder to beef up the group’s depleted female roster.

" As for tna live events, most people are wondering why im not on the shows and its usually because im previously booked on other events/conventions."
From Gail Kim's MySpace page.

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