Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Beth Phoenix and Maria on RAW last night

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Wow, Beth Phoenix beat Maria last night.
Okay I know I said yesterday it was gonna be a squash, but that's not some huge psychic flash now is it?
Beth beat her very quickly. I dunno what her finishing move is, but it looks kinda like a fisherman's supplex to me.
After the match, Beth grabbed the mike and announced that she is cashing in her Women's title shot at Unforgiven and wants to show Candice how she gets the job done. She picks up poor Maria and slams her again and Candice runs out to make the save but has second thoughts and instead just tends to Maria.

My hope..... Beth creams Candice at Unforgiven, and we get to see the Beth versus Victoria feud for the title!
I know, keep dreaming.

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