Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WWE RAW: Candice Michelle and Mickie James against Melina and Beth Phoenix

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Last night on Raw there was a very decent match with Candice Michelle and Mickie James against Melina and Beth Phoenix.
Melina came out first, I'm so glad her hair looks normal now and not that modified " Bride of Frankenstein" thing she had going on.
Beth Phoenix came out next. I dunno, maybe its that floor length cape/vest thing she wears during her intro, but the woman looks wicked! She's got this awesome supervillainess vibe.
Then of course " Superball" Mickie James came out bouncing, I swear I think shes gonna start ricocheting off the barriers one day.
Then Candice came out with her new techno remix of her theme. Maybe it was just me, but her pop seemed less than stellar.
Before the match starts, RAW GM William Regal comes out and announces that at SummerSlam all the divas from all 3 brands will be in a Battle Royal to determine a new number 1 contender for Candice's title.
Short match with some good moves from all involved.
Candice won with a roll-up I haven't seen outside of Lucha Libre.
Then while celebrating, her partner Mickie James spinning wheel kicks her. Melina chucks Mickie out and Beth tosses Melina out the hard way.
I guess this is to get across the " every woman for themselves " message.
Candice Michelle, Mickie James, Melina, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall and Victoria all in a battle royal?
Heck, I might just get this PPV after all.
Just to see Beth against Victoria would be worth the price.

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