Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Melina wrestling Maria on WWE RAW

Not a lot really to say about this match.
Candice Michelle came out first and did her little dance on the outside of the ropes and joined JR and King.
Melina needs to ditch the paparazzi entrance.
And get a new hair style
Maria came out all fired up and throwing punches like she was really going to do something. I was hoping some of CM Punk might have rubbed off on her. ( Insert your own joke here)
Maria put up a decent fight ( for an interviewer) and it wasn't a squash like I thought it would be. Maria is getting better.
But lets face it, this is the WWE, we should be seeing women's wrestlers on the level of the male wrestlers.
In Japan and Mexico they don't go," Awww this is gonna suck, its a women's match!"
Melina won naturally with that leg split drop finishing move. ( JR didn't call it anything so I don't know if it has a name.)

But the whole point of the match I think was to get Candice over.
After the match Melina, who had been glaring at Candice all through the match, comes over to the announce table.
Candice, bless her heart, had the sense to stand up and Melina dove on her. Exchange of blows and Candice slams Melina into the security wall.
Melina glares at Candice. With no Johnny Nitro there to blindside Candice, Melina is pretty much at a loss as to what to do next, so she glares some more.
Candice stands up on the announce table. , Women's Belt over her head and gets what I thought was a less than stellar pop.

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