Thursday, May 10, 2007

April Hunter - Female Wrestling

Number eight is one of my favorite Indy female wrestlers......April Hunter.

April Hunter was born on September 24th, 1974 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
She is an American pro wrestler, professional wrestling valet and model.

Although April was born in Philadelphia, she moved to Enterprise, Alabama with her father when her parents divorced.
At the age of sixteen she returned to Philadelphia, attended college, majoring in English, Biology and Chemistry, but dropped out after several years.
At the age of nineteen she began working as a dancer, but found that she disliked the industry, so she became a fitness model instead.

women of wrestling, women s wrestling, womens pro wrestlingIn 2000 April was hired by Terry Taylor on behalf of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as a member of the "Black and White" nWo. Along with four other models (Tylene Buck, Pamela Paulshock, Midajah O'Hearn and Kim Kanner) she accompanied members of the nWo to ringside for their matches. When the nWo split up, the models remained with Scott Steiner, and were identified as his "freaks". April left WCW later that year following a pay dispute.

After leaving WCW, she decided to become a wrestler, and in 2001 she moved to Boston, Massachusetts to train under the legendary Killer Kowalski. She began working on the independent wrestling circuit, and eventually met Slyk Wagner Brown, who she would both manage and form an intergender tag team with known alternately as Team SWB and Big Red or Team Underground. April also formed a tag team with fellow Kowalski graduate Nikki Roxx in World Xtreme Wrestling known as The Killer Babes. April went on to form tag teams and win titles with Talia (TNA's Velvet Sky) and J.D. Michaels.

Hunter has worked for multiple American wrestling promotions including Ring of Honor and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA), and has toured Europe, Japan, Puerto Rico, Canada, UK/Ireland and Mexico several times.

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