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ECW - Stephanie Finochio / Trinity

ECW - Stephanie Finochio / Trinity

Ring name(s) Stephanie Starr, Starfire, Untamable Spirit, American Power, Italian Finesse, Trinity
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight 130 lb (59 kg)
Born December 1st, 1971,Long Island, New York
Billed from New York City, New York
Trained by Ohio Valley Wrestling, Mikey Whipwreck
Pro Wrestling Debut September 2002

Stephanie Finochio (born December 1st, 1971 in Long Island, New York) is an Italian American stuntwoman and professional wrestling valet and pro wrestler better known by her stage name Trinity, currently signed to WWE working on its ECW brand.

Finochio was receiving try-out matches with World Wrestling Entertainment in Ohio Valley Wrestling. She debuted November 9, 2005 at an OVW show in Louisville, Kentucky. In December 2005, she appeared at Ring Of Glory's Great Commission in Rome, Georgia along with newcomer Rain (who wrestles in Northern IMPACT Wrestling and the SHIMMER women's promotion). She appeared in the WWE with fellow female wrestler Talia at the Heat tapings on January 2, 2006. On January 12, 2006, Stephanie signed a developmental contract with WWE. Some time after signing with WWE and before debuting in OVW, she got breast implants. At the March 18, 2006 OVW TV Tapings, Trinity served as a special referee for the Beth Phoenix vs Shelly Martinez match. After the match between Beth and Shelly, Trinity started arguing with Beth. At the April 1, 2006 OVW TV Tapings, Trinity defeated Sosay via submission, and after the match Beth came down and attacked her. Trinity lost a match to Beth Phoenix and was written out of OVW storylines for some time.

Trinity would later go on to join the revived ECW brand on June 13, 2006 where she debuted as the manager for the Full Blooded Italians (this would earn her the nickname "Full-Bodied Italian").

Trinity suffered a minor knee injury during an ECW house show. She participated in a Vixen's Bikini Contest with contestants Kelly Kelly and ECW veteran Francine. She executed a moonsault to the outside of the ring and missed the two competitors. She had surgery to fix the injury and was told she will be out until mid August to early September. She returned to ECW television on the September 19, 2006 edition of ECW on Sci-Fi when she appeared backstage greeting Queen Sharmell. On October 31, 2006 edition of ECW on Sci-Fi, Trinity won the 1st ever ECW Diva Halloween Costume Contest beating Kelly Kelly and Ariel. Trinity's costume was simply a piece of caution tape covering her breasts.

ECW - Stephanie Finochio / Trinity

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