Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tayo Reed - WCW Nitro Girl

Tayo Reed - WCW Nitro Girl

Tayo Reed is a country music singer and was a member of WCW's Nitro Girls.

Height: 5’8”
Weight: 110 lb (50 kg)
Birthday: February 28, 1973
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Tayo Reed started entertaining as a singer at Six Flags Over Georgia, performing in the Shake, Rattle, & Soul Show. She was chosen to be a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons and a dancer for the Atlanta Hawks. Tayo was then given a rare opportunity to work as a dancer with the Late "Godfather of Soul" James Brown. Brown once heard Tayo sing and encouraged her to focus on a singing career.

In 1997, Tayo joined WCW’s Nitro Girls as Nitro Girl Tayo, only staying with them through May of 1998. Though her term as a Nitro Girl was short, Tayo had the distinction of being one of the original Nitro Girls and the first African-American Nitro Girl.

Tayo Reed - WCW Nitro Girl

Tayo is now a very active country music performer who has fulfilled her dream by performing in Nashville Tennessee, the home of country music. Tayo also opened Tayo Reed's International Academy of Dance in Riverdale, Georgia.


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