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Trish Stratus - WWF/WWE

Wrestler name(s) Trish Stratus
Billed height 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Billed weight 125 lb (57 kg)
Born December 18, 1975 ,Richmond Hill, Ontario
Resides Richmond Hill, Ontario
Billed from Toronto, Ontario
Trained by Ron Hutchinson,,Nora Greenwald,,Dave Finlay
Pro wrestling debut March 19, 2000
Retired September 17, 2006
Patricia Anne Stratigias (born December 18, 1975), better known by the stage and ring name Trish Stratus, is a Canadian fitness model and former professional wrestler. Formerly working for World Wrestling Entertainment, Stratus retired from professional wrestling on September 17, 2006 after winning her seventh Women's Championship.

Stratus is marketed as the first woman in WWE history to have held the WWE Women's Championship seven times, three more than the four title reigns of The Fabulous Moolah and Lita recognized by WWE.

As a fitness model, Stratus has been featured on the cover of many major health and fitness magazines such as Musclemag, Flare, and Total Women's Fitness. She also released a calendar series called "Dream Team" with fellow model, Stacey Lynn. As a sports entertainer, she was proclaimed the "Diva of the Decade" on the WWE RAW X Anniversary Show. She was voted "WWE Babe of the Year" three times between 2001 and 2003.

Stratus is currently starring alongside Eric Estrada, Jack Osbourne, Jason "Weeman" Acuña, and La Toya Jackson in a reality TV show set in Muncie, Indiana. The show titled Armed and Famous which airs on CBS, has become somewhat of a controversy in the community of Muncie as some of its residents are in fear that the celebrities and the producer of the show, Tom Forman, are out to exploit them and embarrass them for the sake of ratings by filming them against their will. The Mayor of the city, Dan Canan, agreed to the show's presence, claiming national publicity will increase the likelihood of future investors getting to know the city through its police department. The celebrities, trained as reserve police officers, have actual police powers and are involved in doing routine traffic stops and responding to emergency calls. CBS has pulled the plug on Armed and Famous due to bad ratings, it is unknown whether the rest of the episodes will air.

Trish showed up at the IPW indy event in Muncie, Indiana, on December 15, 2006. Stratus was originally scheduled to be a guest referee in the Mr. Smiley vs. Doctor Love main event, but was unable to because she was on duty (being a police officer for the reality series) and could not remove her gun holster. However, she did enforce from ringside, as well as punching Doctor Love's manager, Justin Tyme, in the face, where he henceforth landed in the casket that was ringside.

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