Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Again?

I saw this picture of Tamina and Aksana the other day and I thought to myself..."I wish the WWE still had the Women's Tag Team Championship titles".

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Oh sure, the WWF only actually kept them around for six years.
Not long at all.
But before the WWF got rid of the belts, the NWA Women's World Tag Team Championship titles had been around since the 50s.

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It wouldn't be hard for the WWE to start over and just say the belts had been around for decades (kinda like what they did with Moolah's "undefeated" streak).
They have ten women on the main roster now.
That's five tag teams.
And heck, they could add another nine from NXT.
It'd be great!
And evidently I am not alone in this.
Check out this article by Michael Burdick on

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Fefe said...

I'd be afraid that it would end up just like the TNA Knockouts tag titles....useless. I mean, ODB and Eric Young...and they haven't defended them in months! I wish WWE would pay more attention to the Divas division!!!!

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