Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hey WWE! I'm Ready To Start Writing For You Now!

So I'm guessing the WWE will be contacting me any minute now with that job offer....writing for the WWE Diva division.....

kaitlyn wwe-pics of wwe diva kaitlyn-wwe women wrestlers

Quote from Wikipedia (check the hyperlinks afterwards)

"On the January 14 episode of Raw, Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres in her home town of Houston, Texas to win the WWE Divas Championship with the stipulation, if that Eve got disqualified or counted-out Kaitlyn would become the Divas Champion."

Is Kaitlyn The Next WWE Champion?

"Maybe Kaitlyn can rig one of those matches where the title DOES change hands on a DQ.
You never know."

Well I guess I did know huh?

Call me.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eve vs Kaitlyn....Again

Well Kaitlyn is still going after the Divas Championship and though she got the victory on Monday Night Raw, it was a win by count out and as we all know, the title don't change hands on that.

kaitlyn wwe-eve torres-wrestling women wwe-wrestling women

 Maybe Kaitlyn can rig one of those matches where the title DOES change hands on a DQ.
You never know.

kaitlyn wwe-eve torres-female wrestling-women of wwe wrestling

 But I do think that within maybe three months we'll see Kaitlyn with the belt.
And Eve looking like this a lot....

eve torres-beautiful wrestling divas-wwe women wrestling


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Barbie Blank - Women of Wrestling

You know I usually do current WWE Divas on here and save the former ones for other blogs.
However, I just wanted to point out how much better I think former WWE Diva Kelly looks now than she did when she was in the WWE.

Yeah I know it's the hair and the attitude.
She's a brunette doesn't have to be "perky" now.
Just makes me wonder what kind of heel she would have made like this.....

Although she is not in the WWE anymore, she has kept her hand in the business, appearing at shows for North East Wrestling (NEW).
I'm not sure though if she's using her WWE ringname or Barbie Blank.

 And if you just like the old Barbie better......

Kelly in 2018

Either way, you can check out her website here:

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