Sunday, March 27, 2011

The New WWE Divas

The WWE seems to have gone on a Diva hiring spree as of late with Brandi Reed, Irena Janjic, Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong) and Tenille Dashwood all being signed.
But how do they rate up against some of the best Divas the WWE has had like Victoria, Lita, Mickie James, Trish Stratus, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim and Molly Holly?

     Yep...Brandi Reed is pretty. But can she take a RKO?

Well Brandi Reed is absolutely gorgeous, but she's a model.
Okay, a lot of Divas started out as models so I'm not gonna go back there again and whine about that.
Irena Janjic was trained by Lance Storm at his pro wrestling school, the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, Alberta and she competed in the Prairie Wrestling Alliance in Canada.
So she really can wrestle.
Ditto for Tenille Dashwood who has not only also trained by Lance Storm, but wrestled for PWA and several promotions in Australia as well.
And of course Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong) has been in wrestling for close to nine years already.
Not a "new" Diva to say the least.

     I bet Kong will look like this in the WWE...

So this time around, the WWE only snagged one model.
Could it be that they are actually beginning to look at the Divas as actual wrestlers?
Or will they take the two rising stars and veteran and just use them in garbage roles?
Can we look forward to a renewal of the Gail Kim/Kong feud?
(So they actually use Gail for something?)
Or could we even hope for a Beth Phoenix/Kong feud?
Can Beth military press Kong?
Will we even get to see anything like that, or will Kong be made Michael Cole's bodyguard or something equally stupid?

I've given the WWE the benefit of the doubt before.
It didn't get me anywhere.

Before I's a crazy idea.....

Why not take the new girls (with the exception of Kong of course) and put them in FCW?
Then take some of the girls in FCW like AJ and Naomi and move them up to the big WWE TV shows like Raw and/or Smackdown.
That way these ladies that have been gutting it out in Florida will be rewarded for all their time and effort.
And the new hires don't go right into the "major league" over their heads.

The New WWE Divas, posted to March 27th, 2011

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