Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wrestling News and Rumors - Victoria/Tara, Jazz, Mickie James and More

Former WWE Diva, and maybe soon to be former TNA Knockout Lisa Marie Varon (Tara/Victoria) will be appearing at the Philadelphia Comic Con on June 11-13 at the Philadelphia Convention Center.
Also appearing there (among the ton of comic book and science fiction stars) will be another former WWE Diva, Jazz (Carlene Begnaud).
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And in more convention news, former WWE Diva Mickie James will be appearing at K&S's "Heat Wave" event taking place on July 10th at the Holiday Inn in Carteret, New Jersey.
Another former WWE Diva, Ashley Massaro, will be appearing there as well.
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By the way, with both Melina and Beth Phoenix out with torn ACLs maybe letting Mickie James go wasn't such a good idea.
But hey, she didn't get along with Batista so she had to go right?

Since we seem to be stuck on former WWE Divas, Trish Stratus' film Bail Enforcers is in pre-production and set for a 2011 release.
You can check out the website here:

It may seem like most of the news here is about "former WWE Divas", but with the TNA women's division going like it is, "former TNA Knockout" may be being heard more and more in the future.
Tara leaving seems to be pretty much a given now.
If she'll go back to WWE or go ahead with MMA, I don't know.
Sarita and Taylor Wilde both are apparently WWE bound now as well.
Awesome Kong is already gone.
ODB signed a signed a multi-year deal with TNA in November of 2009, but she really doesn't seem too happy there.
And you have both Angelina Love and Daffney on the inactive roster due to injuries.

I had such high hopes for the TNA Knockout division once.....

Wrestling News and Rumors - Victoria/Tara, Jazz, Mickie James and More, posted to on May 21th, 2010.

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