Sunday, August 16, 2009

Female Wrestling: TNA Knockouts Title Result From TNA Hard Justice

Cody Deaner-TNA
Your new TNA Knockout Champion....God help us all....

Shades of the WWE!
I'm sorry readers, but TNA just dropped down to the WWE's level in my eyes.
The New TNA Knockouts champion is.....Cody Deaner?
There's a three letter internet term that comes to mind for this that starts with a "W".
Spanking, kissing, making out.....c'mon people!
I held TNA up to a higher level.
Is this the new TNA booking?
So what am I to do now?
A steady diet of Shimmer?
Wait for Wrestlicious? (Okay, it's 21st century GLOW but still.)
I am shocked and appalled.
And kinda let down and betrayed.
Arguably the best womens division out there and THIS is what they come up with?
After I kept singing the praises of TNA?

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Randall said...

Maybe better to be a little tempered about this. I'm not jazzed about it, but with regime shift, this could just be a stumbling point. D'Amore is supposedly coming in behind the scenes to work with the Women's division, and with Hamada coming in...

Eh, it dumped all over the progress TNA had been making with the division, but I'm not ready to give up yet.

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