Monday, August 10, 2009

Female Wrestling: Candice Michelle, Lilian Garcia, Rena Mero and More

rena mero
August 8th was Sable's (Rena Mero Lesnar) birthday.
So Happy (Late) Birthday Sable!
She turned 42 believe it or not.

Lilian Gracia WWE
The Sun UK has an article up called "Please Don't Leave Us Lilian!" complete with slideshow.

Ayako Hamada TNA
Joshi Puroresu star and now TNA Knockout Ayako Hamada will make her wrestling debut with TNA after the Hard Justice PPV.

The two men that booked the Knockout matches at TNA, Dutch Mantel and Savio Vega, were released from the company last week, and that seems to be making some of the Knockouts a little nervous.
Since the Knockouts are more technically sound than the Diva's, I'd hate to see this release mean a downhill slide for the women's wrestling division on TNA.

Sharmell TNA
According to Wrestling Inc, Sharmell is really loved by the Knockouts backstage.
Jenna Morasca not so much.

candice michelle female wrestling
Now that Candice Michelle is out of the WWE, is it possible we may see her turn up in TNA?
Of course thats the standard question everyone asked when a wrestler is released by the WWE.
Candice was working hard on her in ring skills, but she's not really up to Knockout level.
But maybe Candice as a manager or valet wouldnt be a bad idea.

Sources: WrestleZone, The Sun, wikipedia,, Wrestling Inc

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