Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fyre - Teri Byrne - WCW

Teri Byrne (Nitro Girl Fyre) was born on April 11th, 1972, in Pensacola, Florida.
Besides being a WCW Nitro Girl, she was also a fitness model and fitness competitor, but I haven't been able to find and competitions that she was in.

In 1997 Teri and Kimberly Page (then wife of Diamond Dallas Page) both worked out at the same gym, and Kimberly asked her about joining the new Nitro Girl troupe.
Teri agreed and two weeks later she made her debut on July 14th in Orlando, Florida on Monday Night Nitro.
The Nitro Girls entertained the audience during commercials, had their own WCW PPV in 1999 and even appeared in the WCW produced film "Ready to Rumble".
Teri stayed with the WCW until January 2000 when the WCW had a change in management and Kimberly left the Nitro Girls.

About a year later, Teri and several other ex-Nitro Girls (Spice, Paisley, Tygress, and Chae) started a singing group called Diversity 5.
They released one CD single (I Promise/Shake Me Up) in 2001, but in 2002, they appeared on the Fox reality show "30 Seconds To Fame" and were quickly voted off.

Also in 2001, Teri was involved with a comic book called "Stiletto" about a bounty hunter that was based on Teri.
"Stiletto" debuted at the Wizard World 2001 Convention in Chicago in August of 2001, but I can't find where it ever went into regular publication

Teri is single and living in Charlotte, North Carolina (my old home state!), and is working for the University of Phoenix.

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