Thursday, June 14, 2007

Veronica Caine

Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight: 128 lbs
Birthday: 31 May 1970
Hometown: California
Wrestling Debut: 2001
Previous identities: Barrett Moore

Veronica Caine is a former professional wrestling valet also known as Barrett Moore.

Veronica Caine used to work as a stripper and also worked under the name Barrett Moore. She was a regular on the Howard Stern radio show .She was hired by Extreme Associates and changed her name to Veronica Caine. She became their Contract Girl and appeared in many of the controversial movies by Lizzy Borden. In 2001 she was brought in to the wrestling promotion XPW as a valet for the group The Enterprise which had various members over her time there.( XPW was somewhere between ECW and WEW. Though both groups would probably consider the comparison an insult.) The heel group feuded with The Black Army and Mexico's Most Wanted and had many colorful storylines.

Veronica was trained at the XPW wrestling school and participated in some mixed-tag matches and also wrestled Lizzy Borden during their feud together. One famous match saw Veronica stripped totally nude before the lights went out to save her modesty. When XPW ended, Veronica continued to make adult movies before leaving the industry and working as a lap dancer and doing Internet modeling. Veronica is in a relationship with wrestler Johnny Webb.

In 2003 Veronica worked for Lucha Xtreme Wrestling and was promoter for Revolution Pro.

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