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WWE Diva : Victoria

WWE Diva : Victoria

Lisa Marie Varon, better known as Victoria (born February 10, 1971) is an American professional wrestler currently working for the RAW brand of WWE.

She has been married to Alexander Varon since 1998, although it is expected that they have been divorced away from the media.

Varon and Trish Stratus used to be fitness models together. This real life fact was actually used as an often-overlooked key element to the first "psycho heel Victoria vs. Trish" angle. When explaining her psychotic jealousy against Trish in an interview on RAW, Victoria went on to reveal that they were fitness models together until Trish left for success in wrestling without her, although this was not all completely the case in real life.

In a January 2005 interview, she was quoted as confessing that she was legitimately jealous of the salary and opportunities given to diva search winner Christy Hemme. She later retracted and refuted this statement on her website, claiming that the reporter had twisted her words and that she and Hemme were friends.

She cites Ivory as a wrestler whom she was inspired by and Torrie Wilson as being her best friend. Varon relocated to Louisville, Kentucky in order to train in Ohio Valley Wrestling and continues to reside there. In June 2005, she opened a restaurant in Louisville named Fat Tony's Pizza.

Varon has frequently expressed interest in posing nude for Playboy. However, she has stated that she has yet to be offered a chance to appear in the magazine.

Victoria is a huge Xena: Warrior Princess fan, as mentioned on her Myspace page.

Varon is thought by some to be a "spiritual sibling" to wrestler Lance Storm due to them both having dark hair and a widow's peak hairline (hence the name of her WWE finishing move). They were also both subjected to poorly received dancing gimmicks. In a running gag on his website, Storm maintains that he and Varon are siblings, but this is not the case, as the two are unrelated.

Varon had red hair extensions throughout 2002-2003 in her first psychotic gimmick. At Cyber Sunday, it appeared she had her extensions put back in.

WWE Diva : Victoria

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